The Force is strong with these ones

May the 4th be with you! You better believe I wore my R2-D2 dress and BB-8 necklace to school today. Instead of doing a deep dive on a particular aspect of Star Wars in this piece, I’ve decided to simply dip my toes into several of my very favorite films, shows, characters, and more from the universe of everyone’s favorite decades-spanning space opera. Some takes are hot, and some are as cold as the ice planet Hoth. Regardless, I’m so excited to share what I love about this franchise with you!


My Favorite…

…Movie from the Original Trilogy: Return of the Jedi

Or, exploring my internalized misogyny and ageism through Schitt’s Creek

WARNING! There are spoilers for Schitt’s Creek Seasons 1–5 below!

I’ve finally done it! “It” being that I started watching Schitt’s Creek at long last! And of course by “started” I mean that I’m already up to the beginning of Season 5. It really is as good as everyone said! I heard I might not really get into it until the end of Season 1 or 2, but man was I hooked right off the bat.

Yes, all of the characters on Schitt’s Creek are incredibly flawed, but there’s still so much to love about them and about the show as a whole. Perhaps the most flawed of all are…

…coming from a VERY unathletic person, mind you

Last week was weird for me. I won’t get into it, but…let’s just say it was a good thing it was my off week from OTF. I’m not sure I could’ve sorted my brain out enough to write a coherent piece!

That being said, I’m not super confident I can do that right now either, but we’ll give it a go. I’ve got Super Bowl LV on in the background, and I couldn’t help but find myself appreciating the distraction that it brings. I spent most of my evening putting together a totally unnecessary Super Bowl Sunday “meal” for two…

Or does it?

*Spoilers for Bridgerton await! Read with caution!*

So, I somehow managed to miss any trailers for Bridgerton before I plopped down on my couch to start binging it. The only things I knew going into it were 1) that it was set in Regency Era London, and 2) that it was a Shondaland production. The former greatly excited me; I consider myself a pretty big fan of Jane Austen (though I still have yet to read all of her works) and generally enjoy period pieces as a whole. The latter, on the other hand, made me a tad nervous. I’ve…

Or, the indisputable best part of Biden’s inauguration

It feels like there’s a lot on my mind right now, but I guess there are technically only two things on my mind: my wedding and yesterday’s presidential inauguration. Well, those two things were nearly enough to make me forget to write something for ATF today!

I’m not so sure you all want to read about how I’ve been booking vendors left and right (I really am killing it out here, though, if I do say so myself), so instead, I’ll focus on something from the inauguration: my favorite part, Amanda Gorman’s beautiful poem “The Hill We Climb.” …

Or, can you believe I’m only just now writing about the Beatles?!

It’s finally time for me to take on the last of my previously proposed recurring newsletter topics: Musical Musings! Where I analyze some of my favorite songs, albums, movie scores, etc. from a musical, technical angle! What qualifications do I have for writing on this topic, you ask? Well, I play some instruments, I got a 5 on the AP Music Theory exam in 2013, and…yeah, that probably sums it up.

So, maybe I’m not a true expert when it comes to music theory, but when it comes to the Beatles, I most definitely am. …

Or, that’s a WAP (wild ass pussy…cat)

Dear Toulouse,

In my nearly two years of knowing you, you have shown me the true meaning of the phrase “love-hate relationship.” I can just hear your little made up voice in my head saying, “But Mama!” And you’re right — I don’t hate you. But man, do you make my life difficult sometimes.

Like when I lock you out of my home office while I’m teaching, so you decide to break into the boiler closet, climb into the hole in the ceiling, and follow my voice into the other room, only to realize you’re now stuck in the ceiling…

Or, we survived a Southern Baptist sleepaway retreat…three times

by Kayla & Aimée

Once upon a time (actually, three times), Kayla and Aimée got suckered into going on a week-long retreat with a church they didn’t even go to. They were lured in by the thoughts of sunshine, fun, friends, and boys…little did they know, they were in for a nightmare. Well, we may be being just a *tad* dramatic here. There definitely were fun times, don’t get us wrong. I mean, where else are you going to eat an entire tube of cookie dough without being reprimanded? But overall, Beach Retreat was…an experience.

Beach Retreat was a yearly…

Or, my love-hate relationship with Catholicism

Hip hip hooray, I’m engaged! Aaaaaand now for the stressful part. My wedding is (potentially) 18 months away, but I’m already starting to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the planning that’s going to go into it. Yes, weddings are ridiculous, and I could just do away with all the craziness and elope — but y’all already know that’s not my style.

One thing about me (that I don’t think I’ve really touched on in ATF thus far) is that I am a practicing Catholic. Yes, really! I wasn’t just raised Catholic; I continue to attend weekly mass to this…

Or The Crown meets Gilmore Girls meets Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

If you didn’t blast through The Crown Season 4 as soon as it dropped a couple weeks ago, what were you even doing? It was by far the most historically inaccurate season to date (from what I’ve read), but MAN was it entertaining.

The unsurprising scene-stealer of Season 4 was Emma Corrin as a young Princess Diana. Actually, in between the last few episodes of The Crown Season 4, I watched the documentary Diana: In Her Own Words because I was so moved by Corrin’s portrayal of the late royal. After watching and reading a variety of things about Diana…

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